England holiday advice, tips and guides for England including travel resouces in England.
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About England

England, along with Scotland Northern Ireland and Wales, makes up the countries of Great Britain or the United Kingdom (UK) as it is now generally known. Situated in the centre of Northern Europe, England is a popular country to visit for holidaymakers from around the world and many countries arrange cultural visits for schoolchildren or students who are keen to enrich themselves with the historical and political knowledge from England’s past and present. England still retains a Royal Family and Queen Elizabeth 2nd is the head of the Monarchy at present but the Government is run from the Houses of Parliament by the prime Minister who resides at No 10 Downing Street – amid tight security. A member of the EU - European Union, Britain has steadily grown in population numbers since the relaxing of border controls between neighbouring countries and other member states.

England is the home of Golf, football and cricket and other popular sports give plenty of enjoyment too. London is the capital city, with lots of attractions and entertainment venues. The Queen has Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace largely at her disposal as homes and many of her leisure interests are enjoyed there by members of her family. Back to holiday rentals in England



England has lots of activities to offer holidaymakers or general travellers as sport is very popular throughout the country. Although the coastal waters are cooler in northern Europe, England boasts a huge number of Scuba dive clubs and Padi-Dive centres where divers or beginners can discover the underwater pleasures of inland lakes or explore deep wrecks along the English coast. Experienced divers can discover proven dive-sites containing sunken wrecks off-shore around England and test their photographic capabilities when colourful fish or plants appear close-up.
For organised dive-trips and training courses visit: http://www.divehorizons.co.uk
Cricket, football, hockey and rollerblading are just a few of the traditional sports, but indoor skiing is now more available as newly built Snow-domes spread across the country. For skiing in Milton Keynes http://www.snozoneuk.com/html/snozone-portal


English is the spoken and written language but many people working in tourism, airports, city stores and restaurants can speak other languages like French, German or Spanish, if you ask.


You’ll find plenty to do on a holiday to England. In summer when the weather is fine outdoor entertainment or sports are ideal. At night, a trip to one of England’s finest West End theatres in London is a great experience. Top sporting events, box office films at the cinema or an evening bowling are still popular venues for couples, groups or families to share and enjoy.

Cities usually offer more entertainment and have great facilities for rock concerts, open air gatherings and parades. Dining out is a popular form of entertainment, for England has many well known chef’s and plenty stylish top class restaurants- some that only celebrities frequent or can afford! http://www.visitlondon.com/

Food / Eating Out

Eating out is popular in England and you’ll find plenty of restaurants to choose from. In Cities, Towns and holiday resorts areas, restaurants are open for business mostly all day, but opening times do vary in rural locations with many open only for a couple of hours around midday and most stop serving food about 9-10pm.
Menus and chef’s are becoming more adventurous, with plenty of opportunities to display the talented culinary skills to attract new customers. Fish and Seafood are just as acceptable as meats and vegetarian dishes. Indian, Chinese, Japanese and mant other Asian eateries are available – a far better alternative to burger style fast foods that may not be so healthy. http://www.restaurant-guide.com/  offers a comprehensive guide to restaurants throughout the UK.

Getting around

Travelling around England is very easy, especially via the internal rail and Motorway network. England provides a good network of motorways, major roads and rail transport routes all over the country.
For up to date times and prices for rail journeys see: http://www.traintimes.org.uk/
Budget airlines offer many of the internal flights to regional airports, so users will not be disappointed with the choice and prices of the low-cost airlines that flourish and compete heavily for air traveller business.
 www.easyjet.com www.ryanair.com and www.flybe.com are just a sample of such carriers.
Car Rental is an ideal way to get around England and well known Car Rental Depots like Avis, Budget, EuropCar or Holiday Autos can be found in most large towns, cities and airports.
Buses are widely used by non-drivers for short local journeys or when a Park & Ride scheme is provided to save inner city congestion at peak times.


English is the spoken and written language but many people working in tourism, airports, city stores and restaurants can speak other languages like French, German or Spanish, if you ask.


England has an enormous amount of retail outlets, shopping malls and high-street premises all with big-name retailers competing for a share of the shopping market. Sales times used to be after Xmas and in the height of summer but now bargains can be had at anytime of the year as pressure increases to attract more shoppers into parting with their cash. Debit and Credit cards are mostly used but cash is always acceptable, especially to small traders and market stall holders. Antiques are popular with holidaymakers in England as many of the world’s finest furniture and porcelain manufacturers were based in England.


Sightseeing in England offers endless opportunities to holidaymakers visiting England. From Stately homes, famous statues and wonderful monuments, England has so much to to explore.
In London alone, for example, Buckingham Palace, Kensington  Palace, Westminster Cathedral, St Pauls Cathedral, Trafalgar  Square, London Eye, Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, the River Thames,  Tower of London, London Dungeons and Wembley Stadium, all display a sample of why England’s place in history is undeniable. Its has such wonderful heritage and shows the ability to achieve in buildings the art of preserving top quality sights that visitors have been enjoying for years and will remain popular far into the future. For more ideas visit: http://www.enjoyengland.com


Although England and the UK is a relatively small island, the weather in England is not only seasonal as in Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer, but it can vary enormously throughout the country. Variations occur as much from the South West to the South East as they do from the North West to the North East.
In recent years, England seems to be having longer, slightly milder Winters, but wetter, shorter Summers, sometimes with more prolonged rain when subsequent localised flooding can arise.
To check the weather in the areas you wish to visit, just log on to either of these websites to get up to date information.
http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/weather/uk/  or http://news.bbc.co.uk/weather


Wine producers in England are increasing as the experience to grow the grapes to produce excellent wines increases. South-east and the warmer south-west seem to enjoy the sunny and suitable climate that the popular grape varieties require, but you can read much more about English wine here: http://www.english-wine.com/