A travel guide and general advice about Switzerland for tourists. Switzerland travel guides includes Activities, City Life, currency, entertainment, food, eating out, getting around, shopping, legal requirements, language, sights, weather and wine
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About Switzerland

Capital City: Bern

Other major cities: Zurich, Geneva, Lucerne, Basel

Regional Areas: 26 Cantons

Telephone Country Code: 00 41

Population: 7.3 million

Religions: Roman Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, Other Christian, Muslim.

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Currency: Swiss Franc (CHF)

Getting around

Getting Around:

Swiss Trains are renowned for being clean, tidy and punctual. Most rail stations are easily accessible by being situated in or near the main street of the towns. Rail staff and personnel are well known for their politeness, help and assistance for foreign visitors, who are unfamiliar with their surroundings.

Motorists must drive on the right hand side of the road. Swiss roads are often much quieter and have far less volumes of traffic than other European countries. Roads are well signed with precise overhead information and clear road markings.

There are 3 major airports for travel in and out of Switzerland. Basel, Zurich and Geneva link easily with rail networks that operate throughout the Cantons and beyond.

Popular Tourist Destinations in Switzerland include: Lake Geneva, Montreux, Zurich, Lake Lucerne, Lausanne, Lugano, Locarno,
St. Moritz, Swiss Alps, Interlaken & Jungfrau Region, Zermatt-Matterhorn.


Official Languages: German, French, Italian (English in areas of Tourism)


Weather & Climate:

Switzerland has a very favourable and pleasant climate throughout the year. Around the high mountains of the Alps, snow falls all year round, but only occasionally during the summer months.
The best weather is during Spring, Summer and the Autumn. June and July is when you will see the splendour of alpine flowers.
Most tourists visit Switzerland in the summer months, and weather experts consider May is a good time for non-skiers. Tourists are advised to be well prepared with clothing, for changes in temperature especially at higher levels when it is often cooler.

For detailed weather reports and forecasts see: http://www.weatheronline.co.uk/Switzerland.htm

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