If you are thinking of visiting Dubai, read this article.
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Dubai - 'Visiting Dubai in the UAE'

by Holiday Rental Centre Team
February 2007

Visiting Dubai in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates is situated between the Arabian Gulf and the Indian Ocean, and is home to the fastest growing city in the world. Dubai.

Dubai is well known to be an extremely safe place for both tourists and residents alike. Visitors will experience the truly remarkable Arabian hospitality at first hand, soon realising its’ pure uniqueness.

Dubai has almost a magnetic attraction for tourists, drawn simply by its wealth and splendour gained from the benefits of being an oil-rich state thus enjoying easier living in near sumptuous surroundings. Dubai is now one of the premier travel destinations of the world, especially for numerous tourists and business professionals alike, from around the globe. It is also renowned as one of the most prominent business centres throughout the UAE region, offering some of the best investment opportunities for both retail and commercial property acquisitions in the whole of the Middle East.

New visitors to Dubai will not be surprised to find that it is now seen as a super paradise for sun worshippers. There are many miles of powdery clean sandy beaches that are safe to enjoy, together with top class hotels fronting much of the beach line and providing suitable facilities for all the family to enjoy.

This collection of the worlds top and finest hotels, reach out to provide the ‘ultimate’ experience for their guests. The combination of gourmet dining-cuisine and exceptional standards of service are a gratifying experience that even the ‘professional’ traveller will relish with indulgence. The newly built shopping Malls are some of the most lavish in world, and have amazing themes and distinctive features, both to the pedestrian areas and food halls, whilst incorporating a mixed blend of both modern and traditional Arabic decorative styling and creative designs. The shops are a magnet for holidaymakers seeking quality ‘designer’ products that are exclusive to this region and probably unavailable in their home country.

In Dubai, you will find countless recreational activities especially for serious enthusiasts of, dune-bashing, horse racing, polo, camel racing, motor sport, indoor skiing, golf and numerous others.

Visit Dubai, it is truly a unique and distinctive experience, set in a fantastic location.

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