Dubai Metro system operational in 2009 in Dubai.
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Dubai Metro is Finally Here

by Holiday Rental Centre Team
September 2009

At 9.09pm and nine seconds on the memorable date of 09/09/09 Dubai Metro was officially launched by Skeikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Ruler of Dubai. 


The Dubai Metro, touted as the world's longest driverless train system, has more than 70km (43 miles) of track and is the first urban train network in the Gulf region.  At $7.6bn, it is reported to cost almost twice the original estimate and opens at a time when Dubai and the world is suffering from economic troubles due to the global recession.


One of the main challenges for RTA’s metro is to persuade motorists (who are used to subsidised fuel and the privacy of air conditioned comfort), to swap from the comfort of their cars to a transit system. With daytime summer temperatures regularly exceeding 40C, this is not so easy to implement.


The RED line was the first to be opened, with only 10 of the 29 stations opened on the launch. The line runs from Rashidiya to Jebel Ali, with a large section running parallel with the busy eight-lane Sheikh Zayed Highway. Important stations on the red line include Airport Terminals 1 and 3; Deira City Centre – for shopping, Emirates Towers and Financial Centre; Burj Dubai - the world’s tallest building and Dubai Mall - boasting the world’s largest shopping centre; Mall of the Emirates - for more shopping or skiing and Dubai Marina - home to many of Dubai’s expats.


The RTA has built futuristic looking stations and have introduced reasonably low travel tariffs. There are also women-only carriages and luxury leather seats for VIP’s who would like to pay extra for them.  The trains can reach speeds of 110kma and the network has been installed with more than 3,000 CCTV cameras to monitor trains and stations.


RTA have reported that more than one hundred thousand passengers used the metro during the first two days of opening, which equates to approximately 10% of the Dubai population. RTA have predicted 200 million passenger journeys on the metro each year.


Many residents believe the metro is a positive social and environmental addition in a city which wants to be recognised for modern thinking.


There are many categories for offences which carry fines, here are some reported examples:


·         No sleeping in stations

·         No putting your feet on chairs

·         Carrying alcohol is a criminal offence

·         No smoking in trains or stations

·         No opening doors while the train is moving

·         No littering or spitting


To travel on the Dubai Metro, passengers must purchase a NOL card available from RTA, petrol stations and shopping supermarkets across Dubai. View all self catering villas in Dubai.


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