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Sri Lanka Holiday Rentals Guide

Sri Lanka

Holiday Apartments & Villas in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Holiday Guide

Looking for Holiday Homes in Sri Lanka?


If so, you’re in the right place! The Holiday Rental Centre offers a wide range of self catering villas in Sri Lanka. If you’re unsure where to stay on your visit, then see our guide on holidays in Sri Lanka.


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Sri Lanka is a small and beautiful island, situated just off the South East Coast of India and approximately 900 km north of the equator. It’s a colourful island, where the people are very friendly. The island is often referred to as the ‘Pearl of the Orient’ and this alone is inspiring for tourists.


You will find Sri Lanka holiday accommodation located in small towns and villages, and often close to beautiful beaches. If you are looking for villas in Sri Lanka, these can often be rented locally and are generally of a high standard. Away from Sri Lanka holiday villas, the choice of food is generally good and well-prepared. It’s delicious and tasty and can be as spicy as you wish, and the cost is not too expensive!


Sri Lanka is popular with tourists from all over the world, who travel for relaxing holidays and to visit the magnificent temples and experience the colourful life-style. Besides having numerous Buddhist temples, there are also many churches and other places of worship to visit. You will also find plenty of interesting places, including ancient cities, heritage sites and modern museums from your Sri Lanka holiday rentals.


Away from the capital Colombo, there are scores of dazzling white sandy beaches, just waiting to be explored and will tempt you into the warm azure waters of the Indian Ocean. There are many Sri Lanka beach accommodation offered for rent. Alternatively you can take a trip into the countryside to explore the cooler climates where tea plantations reach out across the hillsides. The Sri Lanka interior is teeming with colourful birds and a variety of animal wildlife such as leopards and elephants which are not uncommon, and can be seen more easily in the jungles and most National Parks. 


For more details about Sri Lanka visit: http://www.srilankatourism.org 


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