Claims and originating proceedings trends in London

uk legal servicesWhen looking through the archives posted at official UK government website, we have found out plenty of interesting correlations and statistics as for claims and originated proceedings issued in London by nature of proceedings. The statistics we have excavated touch the period starting from the year 2006 to the year 2012. So let us point the trends and tendencies findings we have managed to dig out.

As for the nature of proceedings around land and property industry, the obvious growth trend in the number of proceedings is observed. For example, contract of sale and purchase have jumped from 10 cases in 2006 up to 86 cases in 2012. Both landlord and tenant and mortgages and charges proceedings have experienced a rapid growth in the aforementioned period. The records went up from 3 and 1 cases in 2006, up to 63 and 56 cases in 2012 accordingly. Another interesting fact is that it seems that the nature of proceedings gets more uniform in land and property area: the amount of proceedings classified as ‘other’ have been cut down from 1000+ cases to 190 cases in 2012.

Business sector

As for the industry and business sector, the situation is not that homogeneous: from just 28 cases in 2006 after 106 cases in the year of 2009, partnership proceedings have dropped to the same 28 cases in 2012. The peak of fraud claim proceedings was recorded in the year of 2009 as well, following a sharp decrease to 0 cases in 2012. The number of competition proceedings has jumped up to 70 cases in 2012 (it should be noted that previously some of the fraud claim proceedings were referred to other cases classification). However, the amount of other disputes is experiencing a long term decline since the year of 2006: from 300 cases to just 5 in 2012.

Intellectual property is the area where uprising trends simply cannot be left unnoticed: All the five areas of intellectual property have experienced an increase in proceedings in London from 2006 to 2012. confidential information has made a surge from 3 to 167 proceedings, personal and trademarks – from 50 to 114, patents and registered designs from 57 to 183, copyright and design right – from 120 to 350.

Professional negligence

medical negligenceIn regard to the professional negligence, the amount of proceedings has risen since the year of 2006, however, a downscale trend is observed since 2009. Thus, there has been 30 cases against solicitors and barristers in 2006, the peak year was 2009 with 210 proceedings and 48 of cases in 2012. As for the claims against accountants, the number has not changed in general, balancing around 1-2 cases annually, after a short-term surge in 2009 (28 proceedings). As for the medical negligence cases, they balance in the same range in comparison with 2006. At the same time, in the survey involving nearly 18% of representatives of medical negligence solicitors, the spendings per case in terms of hourly rate has increased from 12% to 190% depending on the legal services provider.